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Joy of life is our
 creative engine.
We are an emerging,
 modern publisher releasing over 400 titles in six languages 
worldwide each year.

you can experience 
music in a new way.

The fans interact with their favorite songs!

With REMIXME you have free control over the mix of the songs!

One song becomes millions of individual performances.

Our new

The most modern technologies
like artificial intelligence and speech recognition, combined with high-quality story, image and music productions.

Our entertaining and informative apps are free through advertising funding!

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Biathlon App

Our popular biathlon board game is now also available as an Android app - free in the Google Play Store

There are always 4 runners in the biathlon. With the "robot" setting you can also experience exciting races all by yourself. Numerous sound effects create a racing atmosphere true to the original.

Free at Google Play


Relax from your stress by coloring beautiful motives.

Our "Cool Down" coloring books offer a wide range of topics: from "Mandala Baroque" to "Nice scolded", the most beautiful cities in the world and learning new languages.


Comics for learning languages, cooking, baking or drawing.
As interactive eBooks, paperbacks and videos.

Folding Coloring Books

These innovative books combine 3D folding art with coloring book creativity.
Numerous motifs, hearts with first names and the most beautiful cities in the world are available.

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