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Books for a creative, relaxed
and entertaining life

Praxis Zeichnen

The Workbooks for
Freehand Drawing

The popular exercise books offer the right theme world for every taste: from portrait to nude to still lifes or castles. They are available in 4 different versions: Pocket, XL format, XL color edition and XXL contour template.

Practice Drawing Workbooks
Cool Down

The "Cool Down" Coloring
Books for Relaxation

The "Cool Down" coloring books offer a constantly growing variety of topics. From mandala, to cityscapes from around the world, to easy vocabulary learning in many popular languages.

Cool Down Coloring Books 
Mein Leben

The "My Life" | Day, Week and Year Planner (Bullet Journals)

Write and paint your life.
It relaxes and arranges your life.

My Life - Planner
Praxis Zeichnen

The "My Team" Football Books

Six years of development are based on the modern football training methods with heart and system.
The right training book for every age group.

My Team Books 
Cool Down

Innovative Board Games 
in Magazine Format

We invented the board game books.
The playing surfaces are cut out and glued together. Space-saving, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
Fun theme worlds for the whole family.

Board Game Books
Mein Leben

Finest Erotica

Our authors love to engage the readers in exciting adventures. No topic remains undetected. Exciting entertainment as a book, ebook or audiobook is guaranteed.

Edition Finest Erotica