Bullet Journals

Many women love to keep their lives in diaries. They draw, paint and plan in Bullet Journals.
Our new series "My Life" offers many variants in attractive designs.
Day planner, weekly planner and point.


The New Boardgames

Sports Dice Games

Numerous new sports dice games for the whole family. The practical and inexpensive magazine format from Herpers Publishing is becoming more and more popular. The "Biathlon" board game was our absolute bestseller in 2017.
Football, handball, tennis and American football have been redeveloped.


Search Fun

Where is my

The search game for children in 8 major cities in Europe!
Fascinating aerial photos in which my little kitten is hidden!

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MY team Book

Training & Season Planner by York P. Herpers

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The Ingenious Exercise Books

Practice Drawing

Freehand drawing made easy!


Cool Down

Adult Coloring Books  - The Wide Range

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Erotic Literature

Finest Erotica

Paperbacks, Ebooks & Audio Books